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Lancefield solar farm is a 4.95MW DC Solar Power Farm under development in Lancefield Victoria. Developed by BNRG Leeson as part of its mission to transition the Australian energy system to solely renewable energy and reduce the current and future generations carbon footprint, it will generate approximately 8390MWh of clean electricity every year to around 1,595 homes.

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Longford Solar farm details

Project Details

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    Approximately 25-50 people employed at peak construction and 14 jobs for operation, plus use of local contractors.
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    2022 Planning Permit application is being finalised.
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    Project value $8 million with construction complete and operational.

Project Timeline

Final timing depends on approvals from Council and the Department of Enviornment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), final design, and availability of materials for construction. Below is what we are working towards.

Planning permit Application for Longford solar farm
Planning Permit Application
This will include comprehensive reports including: traffic, environment, glint and glare, noise, biodiversity, bushfire.
Construction details of Longford solar farm
The construction of the solar farm begins late 2024.
longford Solar farm will be operational in late 2023
Lancefield solar farm will be operational late 2025.

Who is developing the project?

The project is owned and developed by BNRG Leeson, an established multi-national developer of solar farms, based in Dublin and an Australian owned, Melbourne based renewable energy company that has developed

several large scale solar developments in Victoria as well as an established business in smaller scale commercial and residential solar installations. BNGR maintains an operating portfolio of solar farms.

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About this site

The site meets all the requirements the Victorian Government has for siting large scale solar facilities. It is also a substantially altered agricultural landscape (so we remove very little vegetation) and has a good capacity for solar energy generation.

We estimate the project will generate approx 8,390MWh in the first year, the equivalent to supplying around 1,595 households with renewable electricity.

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Peter Leeson profile photo from Leeson Group

Solar panels and mounting system

Around 8,400 solar panels mounted on metal structures (pile driven to minimise ground disturbance and the use of concrete). The panels will track the sun throughout the day. This minimises shading and allows for groundcover growth and access for maintenance.

Inverter stations

There will be 1-2 inverter stations, similar in size to shipping containers: around 12m long, 2.4m wide and 2.8m high. Inverters convert power from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

Access roads

There will be all weather access tracks for emergency vehicles and maintenance.

Electrical substation

Next to the substation there will be a 5MW battery system, a switching station and underground cabling to connect to the high voltage network.

Security fencing and visual screens

Chain mesh fencing will secure the site from the public roads. There will be native vegetation landscaping on all sides of the site.

Reach out to us for more information.

Speak to our one of our community officers for all your queries regarding this solar farm. We want to ensure that everyone's questions are answered and satisfied with all the knowledge.

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