Receive a passive income for the next 30 years.

Lease your farm land for small to large scale solar farms. An investment that securely diversifies your income from your land.

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Why we are the experts

international solar farm developers

International Solar Farm Developers

BNRG has developed and operated solar farms worldwide for over a decade. With a 194MW portfolio spanning 61 solar farms, BNRG partners with local developers to harness clean, affordable energy and help support the growing electricity needs of local communities. 

Australian Headquarters

Australian Headquarters

BNRG has been developing solar farms in Australia since 2018 but established a partnership with Leeson Group in 2020. Leeson Group has divisions in solar farm development and grid connection engineering services and has been developing solar farms in Australia since 2015. The BNRG Leeson partnership has a pipeline of over 600MW of solar farm projects.

Specialized industry experience

Specialised Industry Experience

The BNRG Leeson partnership has allowed BNRG to establish an Australian Headquarters, utilising experienced professionals with a wealth of local knowledge. Our Australian Project Manager has over fifteen years of experience working with Australian Farmers to harness the sun's clean energy.

What will it provide you?

Investing in a solar farm on your land provides an extra income for you and your future generations.

increased revenue with bnrg lesson

Increased revenue without lifting a finger

BNRG Leeson will lease your land to host a solar farm for the next 30 years. This means, regular payments and the best part is we will optimise the use of the land for agriculture in and around the solar panels.

50,000 upfront payment

$50,000 upfront payment for signed agreement

You may be eligible for up to a $50,000 payment upfront upon signed agreement with BNRG Leeson before October 2022.


Diversified your income

Farmers are becoming increasingly affected by climate change, our environments are unpredictable and it effects cattle and crop drastically. You can protect your business by diversifying your revenue with another investment.

non invasive for livestock

Non-invasive for Livestock

A solar farm wont bother your animals. Panels can even provide shelter for livestock from the harsh Australian climate. Sheep grazing is particularly beneficial for solar farms as it keeps the vegetation from growing over the panels, reducing the maintenance required.

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Solar farm trial shows improved fleece on merino sheep grazed under panels and Trial of sheep grazing under solar panels shows early positive results.

construction in 100% reversible

Construction is 100% reversible

Solar Farms allow the land to rest and regenerate, enhancing biodiversity and, at the end of the solar life-cycle, the construction is 100% reversible, meaning the land can be completely restored to its original state.

Screened by trees and hedges

Screened by trees & hedges.

Panels are approximately 3 meters high and can be easily screen by strategically placed trees or hedging. They've also been designed to absorb light, so there's minimal glare reflected. Solar farms can be virtually invisible from afar .

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How does it work?

BNRG Leeson are international experts in solar farm development making the entire process swift and clean.

how it works step 1

Step 1

You contact us and we determine if your land is suitable for a viable solar farm.

how it works step 2

Step 2

We discuss the agreement terms and sign a lease option with the view to signing a long-term lease.

how it works step 3

Step 3

We secure planning consent and grid connection for the solar farm.

how it works step 4

Step 4

We fund, develop and construct the solar farm on your land with minimal impact.

how it works step 5

Step 5

We operate and manage the site. You enjoy a your diversified investment building your passive income.

What is the difference between small and large scale solar farms?

screened by trees

Small-Scale Solar Farms

A small-scale solar farm requires between 20 to 35acres of land in close proximity to a 22kV distribution line. It will generate up to 5MW providing energy for up to 2200 homes in neighbouring towns.

utility (Large scale) solar farm

Utility (Large-Scale)
Solar Farms

Utility-scale solar farms can average from 200 acres, adjacent to larger transmission lines of 66kV and upwards (we will identify them). These farms can produce even more than 100 MW. Utility-scale solar farms have the largest impact in helping support our transition to renewable energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I earn per acre?
What land is suitable for a solar farm?
How long is the process?
How long do I lease my land for and can I change my mind?
What's going to be the visual impacts on my land?
How do you work closely with the community?

Reach out to us for more information.

Speak to our one of our community officers for all your queries regarding this solar farm. We want to ensure that everyone's questions are answered and satisfied with all the knowledge.

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